A Learning Adventure!

Reaching Mount Everestís summit involves much more than possessing technical mountain-climbing skills. It is a combination of geology, physiology, physics, meteorology, teamwork, motivation, risk-taking, commitment, and psychological skills, that allow climbers to succeed. And children have much to learn from this! We encourage educators to bring their classes to their local large-format theater to see EVEREST.

As with all of our large-format films, MacGillivray Freeman Films has created comprehensive educational materials for school use to compliment the film. The EVEREST Teacherís Guide is a valuable resource after viewing the film as the educational activities reference scenes and concepts from EVEREST. Teachers and students benefit from classroom activities designed to strengthen the filmís learning experience. The hands-on activities are researched and written by authorities on the filmís subject and approved by scholars in education.

Our Educational Outreach also includes an EVEREST Educational Poster for teachers to post in their classrooms and for students to take home. These educational items are available and may be obtained by theaters exhibiting EVEREST. The Teacherís Guide and the Educational Poster are provided to educators who reserve a student field trip at their local large-format theater.

Major funding for EVEREST was provided by the National Science Foundation.

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